Screaming prostitutes, irate customers, cheating customers...Front desk attendants at hotels see some strange things. We're just glad some of them found humor in the chaos and reported back to us on reddit's r/TalesFromTheFrontDesk. We've compiled some reddit users' most bizarre hotel stories here.

Just Doing Our Jobs
Just Doing Our Jobs

From Redditor atgoat1021:


We have an older woman, about 70 staying with us. She just buried her husband, her birthday was on Christmas and she was spending all of this time alone in a hotel. She's been here a few days already and she is just a fun little old lady. She came down around 1:30am and expressed her concern about accidentally leaving her email open on our public computers, I helped her change her passwords, log out and then we just sat and chatted for about an hour.


She started crying about half way through our conversation and could only manage to say "You really have no idea how much all of you have helped me these last couple of days. I really don't think I could have made it through all of this without each and every one of the staff here."





“Sold Out” Means SOLD OUT
“Sold Out” Means SOLD OUT

From Redditor UnfriendlyFD:


I typically work night audit and this has happened before, but tonight was especially aggravating.


Usually when we're sold out you'll get this or that moron off the street who will say "what if I told you I'm a DIAMOND member." Sorry. If you were Conrad Hilton reincarnated I couldn't give you a closet to sleep in. We are sold out.


Tonight I had some drunk folks who thought they could somehow bypass the whole "Sold out" thing by booking through Expedia, for the next night, right in front of me. I told them repeatedly, "that will be for Thursday night, we have no rooms right now."


They still didn't understand. And once they had booked it, there was absolutely nothing I could do. They acted like it was my fault.


I hope they get bedbugs from where ever they ended up.


Off-Duty Hero
Off-Duty Hero

From Redditor texancoyote:


I was staying at a casino with my fiancé and as we were walking down the hall to the elevator we saw a guest with room service pinned against the wall yelling at them. I told my fiancé to go to the phone by the elevator and to call security. She asked me "What are you going to do?"


"My job." I replied as I walked up to the guest.


"Excuse me ma'am, is there a problem here?" I asked calmly.


The guest turned to me looked me up and down. "Do you work here? If not f*** off then fatty."


"I do not. But I am human and so is he. What happened?"


"This idiot forgot my ketchup! He probably didn't even finish middle school so that's why he works here!"


"That's a simple mistake anyone can make. Especially when you order steak and broccoli. Did you ask"


"Do you think I'm f****** stupid? Of f****** course I did!"


Yes. Yes I do think you are stupid.


"Well ma'am what else is the problem? This seems too much for missing ketchup."


"This damn casino made me lose my money!"


I took a deep breath and said "Hold it right there. Did this gentleman sit next to you and make you play all your money? No he didn't. Don't take it out on him" I turned to Room Service and handed him a 20 and he took off. Security stopped him at the elevators and came over to the guest and I. I filled them in and apparently she had been causing trouble since she checked in.


They told her to pack up and leave.


My fiancé met up with me downstairs and said "Even when you're not at work you still act like it."

The Most Innocent Drug Dealer
The Most Innocent Drug Dealer

From Redditor burlinbert:


I grew up working at my small family owned and operated hotel. I was probably about 11 years old at the time, mind you I always looked older then my age because I was so tall and big. I think I was sweeping the parking lot outside or something when a customer that was staying monthly called me over to his room.


He asks " hey kid you think you can get me any pot."


I replied "sure no problem how many do you need?"


He says "as much as you can get me"


I come back to his room with a couple of pots and pans. And he just burst out laughing. Asking me how old I am. I told him 11. The guy is laughing his head off he cant even breath. He just says " damn your a big boy I thought you were 16, here's $20 tip for the pot and making me laugh."


It took me another 4 years to figure out why he was laughing so hard.

No, You Can't Get A Smoking Room In A State That Doesn't Allow It
No, You Can't Get A Smoking Room In A State That Doesn't Allow It

From Redditor Luvodicus:


Guest contacts the front desk to negotiate an extended stay. Take the name, info, CC to Guarantee the room.


Demands a smoking room. Not a request. He's not asking.


"And make sure you put me in a smoking room. All the other hotels charge me extra, and I don't want to pay extra"


"Well, sir, all rooms in my state are Non-Smoking, by law. I don't think they're charging you for a smoking room, they're most likely charging you for smoking in their non-smoking rooms..."


"Well, you'll be putting me in a smoking room. And I wont pay for it.."


"I don't think you understand.. By state law.."


"No, I--" Cutting him off, "Will not be staying at my hotel, unless your credit card clears the authorization for incidental charges."


"GGGRRRAARRRGGG!!" Slamming the phone down..


So about 10 minutes ago, I finish up a call with our favorite OTA, Expedia. Received the confirmation fax, prepaid reservation, what's this? Is it Mr. Smoking in Non-Smoking? I just spoke wi- A special request? I can only imagine.. yup.. smoking room..


So I fire off a quick email, CC my GM, and contact expedia directly. Informed them to contact the guest, and instruct him to be aware of the 150 dollar incidental hold required on his personal credit card at time of check in, or the reservation will not be met.


Maybe I'm going out of my way for this ONE guy, but seriously, I'm tired of seeing nonsmoking stickers ripped off the doors, when I know for a DAMN FACT, yes, there WAS one on there when you checked in.


Because I went to all 108 doors and put new ones on there yesterday. before you checked in. After the damn dog/pet show/race weekend.


Look, I'm a smoker. I get it. It's a pain in the ass to do the whole "adulting" thing and "put on pants" and "go outside" to smoke our beloved cancer sticks, but, hey, it keeps my rooms from smelling like the ass end of an ashtray. Respect my rooms, please.

Just A Sprite
Just A Sprite

From Redditor irremotus3:


This Holiday season has been a pretty bad one for me, mainly due to family issues. I've grown up with a fairly jaded outlook on Christmas in general. So when the Christmas became a point of contention with my coworker I happily volunteered to work it, more pay and I'd only be sitting alone in my apartment with Netflix anyways. We have maybe 5 guests in house. Most are just staying with us while they visit their families in the area, but one man is just here to be here and not alone in his apartment. Last night we spent a couple hours talking, me about my family and ever expanding drinking problem and him about his family and why he's in AA. Needless to say we have a lot in common and really kicked it off (despite the fact that he is easily 30 years my senior). He had to leave to go to his AA meeting and asked me if I wanted anything. Of course I declined but he kept pushing, so I finally agreed to a Sprite. A few hours later he returned with not only a Sprite, but a full Christmas dinner to accompany it for him and myself. We chatted, laughed, and at the end of the night, left with full stomachs and smiles on our faces. I must say, this has been the best Christmas I have had thus far.

"We promise, this is a LEGITIMATE business!"

From Redditor Freeagentscoach


Around 11:30 PM a lady walked into the hotel, she didn't stop at the desk or ask any questions, she seemed like she knew where she was going right away. She entered the elevator from the lobby and up to her floor. Then, 30 or so minutes later there was a call at the desk. "Can you come get this girl out of my room?" came the caller on the other end.


Climbing the stairs to avoid the long wait I took our security guard and one of my night auditors with me. We arrived at the room in question where the girl I'd seen was barricading herself in the room and the guest was trying to remove her.


"Ma'am, is everything ok?" I asked.


She began to explain and all I could hear was "Get her out, she ain't here with me!!! Get her out!! I don't want nothin' to do with this!!" From the guest in the room. I asked my security to calm him down, and he shoved his way passed and into the hall.


The girl explained, she works for an entertainment business. Her company had been called by the guest in the room and he had requested a girl to come to meet him. She referred to her employer as a "legit business" no less than 9 times in the first 2 minutes, as if that makes me feel better about a hooker causing a scene in my hotel. She then explained that he had changed his mine.


This is where the guest interrupted again, stating that he had asked for a 20 year old. Yeah, you're really helping your cause here buddy. He looked at me, "She look 20 to you man?"


"Sir," I replied, "I'm gonna need for you to calm down. All I want is for this to end without me calling the cops."


Next thing I know there's another woman there, a scraggy 50 year old who'd spent way to many years in a tanning bed, and after wasting her skin to the point of just a loose fleshy bag of goo that holds her blood in, had given up and decided that pale is indeed the best color. Turn out this was the pimp. She began talking about her "legit business" and going on about how he had agreed to pay for a service.


At this point I began to loose my temper a little. I instructed the guest to go back into the room, I asked if either of these ladies are registered guests at the hotel. They both answered no, then started in on the guy again, who was now trying to walk away to the elevator. I allowed him to walk off but told my night auditor to follow him and not let him leave the property. Now scraggy is on the phone and I ask who she is calling. "My help" is all she said. At this point I inform her she has 90 seconds to leave the premises or I would be forced to contact the authorities (who would not be happy about having to come back out again tonight).


She looked at me, straight in the eye, and said, "I will not leave until we receive our cancellation fee."


I pulled out my phone, called the officer that had visited us earlier that night and started to explain I had a hooker and a pimp staging a sit-in on one of my floors because the man that called them refused to pay a cancellation penalty. (He laughed)


By the time we reached to lobby they were there, they arrested the girl and her pimp, asked me what I wanted done with the guest. I told them he could not stay with us and he became irate, right up to the point he was escorted to his own blue and grey cab with the lights on top.

Oh That Sweet, Sweet Revenge
Oh That Sweet, Sweet Revenge

From an Anonymous Redditor:


I work in a property with 2 floors. 64 rooms The ground floor rooms are generally about 10 dollars more than upstairs because they have drive up access. This make sense to anyone with a brain in their head.


So this jerk comes in tonight and he's one of those one that you just KNOW is going to be contrary before he even says a word.


So he asks what our rates are for a ground floor drive up. I tell him. He immediately starts into a tirade about how our corporate website (f*** my life..) shows a rate almost 20 dollars less. So I explain to him, first off, that would be for a room on the second floor and secondly they also offer a slight discount.


He doesn't believe me about the second floor bit. So, I ask him to show me the rate he's talking about. He pulls out his phone, cursing and swearing the whole time, talking about "false advertising" etc.. You guys know the routine.


So he gets to the page and lo and behold it's for an upstairs room. So now he starts demanding I match the price. I explained to him that I'm unable to match the price as it's a very busy night and the prices are firm. (We had two rooms left, and only one at that price). He pitches a f****** fit, almost to the point where I tell him to leave.


So this prick tells me he's gonna "spite me" by booking it online and getting the better price. He proceeds to make the reservation through his phone. Meanwhile, my phone rings. It's a coworker. I start talking like it's a guest and I'm taking a reservation. I go to our reservation system and block out the last upstairs room while mr dickface is still trying to navigate the website. Coworker figures out something is going on and says she'll call back later.


I get off the phone and wait for it.


I see the look on his face and I can tell the exact moment he realizes he can't get the room through our corporate site any more. It was f****** priceless.


He then grumbles something about how he "can't get our f****** website to work" and "I don' have time for this, just give me the room."


Best moment of my life: "I'm sorry sir, that room was just sold at our standard rate. The only room I have available is one of our King rooms on the first floor and they go for 40 dollars more than our upstairs rate, meaning 60 more than he wanted to pay".


He loses it, more yelling ensues, he's calling the BBB, he's gonna call his lawyer, he's not moving till he gets a room etc etc.. until finally his wife urges him out the door.


Most satisfying part of the night? I sold both of the rooms we had left about twenty minutes later and price matched them both to prices.


Sometimes it's fun to be a d***.


At Least He Apologized
At Least He Apologized

From Redditor jeffl97:


There was an older gentleman checking in with his wife. We go through the check in process getting credit card and ID I process it in the computer and give it back to them and they go on their way. End of story? Nope. Five minutes later the guy comes back,


guy: yes I believe you forgot to give me my id back


me: I'm sorry sir I don't have your id. I returned it to you upon checkin.


guy: well I don't have it which means that you have it so you better start looking for it.


I look around on the front desk for a while overturning some papers looking in open areas where it would be.


me: I'm sorry sir I cant find your id, are you sure you checked everywhere?


guy: if you don't give me my id I will have to call the cops.


me: I'm sorry you feel that way. If I knew where it was I'd happily give it to you.


Guy then returns to his room to consult his wife about his missing id. Ten minutes later guy is back in line waiting to talk to me. He approaches me and... Gives me a Pepsi.


guy: I'm so sorry about earlier it turns out my wife had it the whole time so I brought you this Pepsi.


me: that's really nice of you. No problem sir, have s great day.


And that is actually how the story ended.

Yeah, You've Had Enough
Yeah, You've Had Enough

From Redditor FLDJF713:


Cue Saturday night. The fireflies are flying and firing. The parking lots are full. Drunks are prowling for the bars that actually serve bud light in my town.


Mrs. Diamond guest checks in. It's probably around 8 pm. She seems visibly impaired on drugs or alcohol but whatever. Probably came from a vineyard or bar.


She wants me to serve her at our lobby bar. I told her no, for several reasons. 1, I have a line of things I'm already doing for other guests that asked first. 2, I am making the judgment you've had enough already.


She starts yelling and I told her if she doesn't go to her room, I'll have security escort her there or off the property with no refund. She storms off and says she's going to drive to a liquor store to get her own wine.


Yeah. No.


Her car was still parked out front, so I got the license plate number and called the cops. Before she could find her rental keys and figure out how to get from her room to the car, the police were waiting. She ended up fighting with the woman officer and was arrested for disorderly conduct, DUI and resisting.


Moral of the story: Don't drink and drive. And don't be an entitled asshole. That same night, a drunk driver killed 4 bridesmaids-to-be and critically injured the bride and another woman in a limo coming home from a vineyard. They played it safe with the limo, and still got killed.

The Oldest Excuse In The Book
The Oldest Excuse In The Book

From Redditor oversoldbutitllwash:


Here is an exchange I got this morning. This is one of my favs:


Guest: I need to cancel 11/26. My grandma died.


Then in the background I faintly hear, "I'm not dead! Why you telling people I'm dead?"


Guest: Umm hold on one second.


Faintly I hear the guest say, "Shut up Grandma, I'm trying to get my money back!!!"


I then told her that she could cancel with no charge and she didn't need an excuse since we have a 24 hr cxl policy. I mean, seriously? You just lead in with Grandma dying AND she is in the room with you???

We're Not A Restaurant...
We're Not A Restaurant...

From Redditor Colorguarder08:


Conversation with a guest I just had.


Guest: Excuse me I need a to go box for my breakfast.


Me: I'm sorry ma'am we don't have to go boxes.


Guest: what do you mean you don't have to go boxes? What am I supposed to do carry my breakfast? First you guys have very little to offer and now your telling me you don't have a to go box what kind of restaurant are you?


Me: Ma'am we are a hotel not a restaurant breakfast officially starts at 6am (currently it's 5:30am) which is why there's limited variety available. The breakfast is for guest to sit and eat here which is why we do not have to go boxes.


Guest: this is terrible service from a restaurant


Me: Again we are not a restaurant we are a hotel and your taxi is here have a nice day.

A Little Scavenger Hunt Revenge
A Little Scavenger Hunt Revenge

From Redditor Nametag_job:


The scavenger hunt.


Take a dozen parents getting drunk in one of the rooms. Kids are a bother, getting in the way of drinking so some brilliant soccer mom gives the kids a hotel scavenger hunt. Go run around with no supervision.


One of the items is, Take a picture of a hotel staff person.


Random pile of kids deluge the front desk. I nicely tell them no, and fuck off.


Then I grab their list and look at it. It's stuff like housekeeper cart, pile of towels, how many parking lot lights. Ask oldest kids which room the parents are hanging out in, call that room.


"Yes, about this scavenger hunt, what is the prize for the winner?"


Oh, tee hee , ha ha, there's no prize, it's just to keep them busy for a few hours."


Ok, thanks.


I look at kids and say, how many of you are there? Go get them.


Soon I have the team. I tell fellow FDA I'll be back in five, and get the attention of all the kids.


"Write this down"


I answer all the questions, because I know this place inside out and then we do the hall walk to get the pictures we need, eventually ending up at drinking room door. It's been about 15 minutes since this started.


I knock.


"Hi, the kids are finished their homework. And I hope you have some prizes for them. They should stay in this area now as it is not a good idea to leave them unsupervised"


Parents don't say a word. Kids bounce into the room. WHATS THE PRIZE??!!

We Do Not Control The Sun
We Do Not Control The Sun

From Redditor wearecrystals:


So I had a guest checkout the other morning. As routine, I asked how her stay was.


"Well I was so disappointed that I was woken up by the sun shining directly in my window."


"I'm sorry about that ma'am, our black-out curtains should have prevented that from happening-"


"No no, I enjoy having my curtains open. Now I have to go through my day with being awake two hours before I should have."


"I apologize for the inconvenience, ma'am." PS, why do we apologize for things completely out of our control?


So, after my apology, I expect her to accept and get along with the checkout process, but she doesn't say anything. She stands there and glares at me with pursed lips, arms crossed, and this expectant look on her face.


"Is there anything else I can help you with?"


"Well are you going to do anything about it?"


At this point, I'm well aware that she is wanting a discount for her "troubles". But I'm not about to give one for something so ridiculous.


"I'm sorry, ma'am, of course! Well we have two options here. I can either pick up the hotel and move it a couple feet so the sun no longer shines into that particular window. Or I could change the position of Earth in our solar system. Which would you prefer?"


My last day is tomorrow, and I have run out of cares to give.


From Redditor lil_poundcake:


Phone rings. 'Good-evening, you've reached the [redacted] hotel, my name is [lil_poundcake], how can I help you?'


'Yeah, hi, can I make a reservation for the restaurant?'


'Certainly, no problem sir. Let me just grab the reservations diary and I'll be right with you.'


'Oh, no, not with your restaurant. I want to book a table at [redacted] bar up the street.'


'I'm afraid I can't help you with that sir. I can give you their number if you'd like.'


'C'mon, I just tried calling them, and they didn't pick up the phone. Can't you just note down my booking, go down the street and give it to them?'


'I'm sorry sir, but I can't actually leave the desk while I'm on duty.'


'This is terrible customer service, and I'll be calling back to talk to your manager in the morning.'


And he hangs up the phone.

John Travolta
John Travolta

From Redditor cxtx3:


So tonight, I've got three(ish) bachelorette parties in house. And of course with it being a Saturday night, they've all been stumbling in between 2 and 3ish in the morning, clomping by the desk in heels they've forgotten how to operate and slurring gibberish that I'm fairly sure used to be some form of the English language.


The third cluster had a couple of girls who swore that I looked just like a young John Travolta, and loved my hair. They lingered for a few minutes, asking about nonsense, giggling like schoolgirls despite the fact that they were in their late twenties or early thirties, and trying to get me to come up to their room or inquiring what time I was off.


I almost didn't have the heart to tell them my boyfriend was taking me out to breakfast after I got off and I'm gayer than a three dollar bill. But it's flattering to be made to feel pretty. ;-)

Justice Is Served
Justice Is Served

From Redditor FLDJF713:


I wanted to slap this woman across the face or lock her in the elevator for the night. She was the most rude guest I've come across in the longest time, and so much so, that I called my boss to let him know she will probably complain about me but all of what she says will probably be true.


My security guard and co-worker would testify in court that my insanity plea for strangling her would be true, as she drove me insane.


Checks in, complains that parking is across the street and refuses to park there, saying she will park in a handicap spot here without a handicap sticker. I told her that if she does do that, I will tow her vehicle and let the police know. She parks there. So I call her room and she said she's not moving.


I tow her car after letting the police know. They come and write her a ticket first, I think it was $150. The tow company charges $150 during the week to retrieve your car, but during the weekend it is $300 with reduced hours.


She comes back after getting her car saying she's going to make me and the hotel pay the fines and fees. I had to laugh in her face and told her I warned her 3 times and so did security, so no. And I told her, with my guard as my witness, that any further harassment or threats will be met with a police escort off the property without a refund.


She stayed quiet for the night, but I still have to see her tomorrow and Sunday. Happy day! I'm on my 3rd beer now after costing her $450 for her attitude. Maybe next time she won't park in a handicap space and ruin her stay.

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