17 SIMPLE Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Traveling is the best way to see the world and learn new things. Meeting new people and interacting with different cultures can be a life changing experience. Unfortunately, it sometimes is a little too hard on the bank account. However, there are a few practical things you can do to save money that will make traveling a true delight without worrying about your money running out.

  • Vacation Bundles

    Vacation Bundles

    Book bundle packages that include your airfare, hotel, and car rental packages. If the travel agent or online travel service offers additional services you can and will use and the price is reasonable, take advantage of them.
  • Travel in Groups

    Travel in Groups

    Get a group of friends and go on vacation together. There are many group discount deals available and the bigger the group the bigger the discount will be.
  • Off Season Travel

    Off Season Travel

    Travel during the off season to save a few bucks. For example, go to Hawaii in the spring or summertime instead of the winter. You'll save money and avoid a crowd.
  • Discount Programs

    Discount Programs

    Are you a student, senior citizen, or a member of an organization? Research whether you are eligible for a discount when booking travel arrangements as well as when shopping on vacation. Remember to bring your ID along with you; it can't hurt to try!
  • Stay Nearby

    Stay Nearby

    Going to a major city and don't want to pay the often outrageous hotel bills? Find the next smallest, closest town and get a hotel room there. You may have a fifteen minute drive into the destination city, but the money you'll save will be well worth it and leave you with more spending money while in town.
  • Hostels


    If you want to stay in the city but don't want to pay high hotel prices, consider a hostel. If you don't mind sleeping in a student dormitory like environment, then you will save tons of money over a hotel room. Try to get a hostel that offers free breakfast and good reviews. Don't let Hollywood freak you out, hostels can be a very safe and exciting experience.
  • Free Communication

    Free Communication

    Use Skype or email to communicate with loved ones in your home country. If you are unable to use Skype or don't have access to a computer, then buy international calling cards. Book hotels or hostels with free wifi and avoid internet cafes that charge for their services.
  • Public Transportation

    Public Transportation

    Avoid the taxi and take public transportation. Travelers usually opt for a taxi because of the convenience. Often the expense will not make the convenience desirable. Instead, consider the metro or the bus. They are far cheaper and will also provide you with a more realistic view of the city.
  • Walking Tours

    Walking Tours

    When you are on vacation, walk if the distance and weather permits. Avoid wasting money on a taxi or even public transportation if you can cover the distance with a short walk.
  • Ditch the "Hot Spots"

    Ditch the "Hot Spots"

    Consider ditching the tourist "hot spots" and visit the places locals frequent. The "hot spots" are generally more expensive because they are targeted specifically towards tourists. Find out where the locals shop and you will save more this way.
  • Travel Sites

    Travel Sites

    Sign up on travel websites and watch your email inbox for great deals. Stay in touch with travel agencies and online travel sites such as Travelocity and Orbitz by signing up for newsletters.
  • Loyalty Rewards

    Loyalty Rewards

    If you travel a lot, sign up for frequent travel rewards through airlines and hotel chains. These loyalty reward programs offer free flights and hotel stays once you use thier services enough times.
  • Freebie Giveaways

    Freebie Giveaways

    Want a free hotel stay? Attend a time share presentation that offers a free hotel stay. You may have to attend an hour long presentation, but it will be worth it to save some money on your planned trip.
  • Currency Exchange

    Currency Exchange

    When visiting a foreign country, never get currency exchanged anywhere other than a bank or an ATM. The airports will offer you horrible exchange rates. Also ask your bank what rate they charge for using your credit or bank card overseas. An alternative is travelers checks.
  • Budget


    Make a budget for your daily activities such as food and transportation. Try not to stray from your budget by giving in to impulse buys. This will ensure that your money goes as far as it needs to.
  • Local Tourism Assistance

    Local Tourism Assistance

    Contact the local tourism board of your destination city. These offices promote the best places to see and offer money saving coupons while also informing on local activities that you would not have been aware of on your own.
  • Discount Stores

    Discount Stores

    Look for local discount stores and visit them often. Try to buy everything here such as food, clothing, and other incidentals.
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