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Airline Workers Confess The Biggest Secrets That Passengers Don't Know

Airplanes and airports are mysterious. Between the guys with the big headphones and the mysterious journey of luggage (where does that conveyor belt GO!?), there's much to be discovered about the inner-workings of the airline industry, at least for us passengers. Luckily, some airline workers came to reddit to spill all their secrets...

In-Flight Etiquette That Everyone Should Follow

You're on a crowded flight, and in the middle seat no less. The woman in the window seat is out cold, snoring and steadily collapsing onto your shoulder. The kid in the aisle seat is wearing big headphones and blaring music so loudly that everyone in rows eight through 15 can hear. But at least it's drowning out the squawks of the unruly toddler across the aisle. You figure you'll try to nap. You try stretch back in your seat, but you soon realize the passenger behind you is using a new gadget that prevents your seat from reclining. Now what? 

Studies show that flying can actually bring out the worst in people, but if you follow these 13 steps, flying will only bring out the second worst in you. 

Crucial Carry-On Items That You Might Have Forgotten To Pack

Plenty can go wrong over the course of your travels. Flight delays and lost luggage are common issues, but even if everything goes right, you still might find that you're underprepared for your trip. Check out our list of 20 crucial carry-on items that you should ALWAYS remember to pack, you know, just in case.

17 Bizarre Confessions From Hotel Workers Around The World

Screaming prostitutes, irate customers, cheating customers...Front desk attendants at hotels see some strange things. We're just glad some of them found humor in the chaos and reported back to us on reddit's r/TalesFromTheFrontDesk. We've compiled some reddit users' most bizarre hotel stories here.