It's not a crime to be basic or clichéd. Lord knows we've been guilty of it once or twice (at least!), and chances are, you have too. With that said, it's funny when people blatantly and unwittingly embrace clichés, especially on social media. So check out our list of the most basic types of vacation photos, and see how many of them you can spot on your Facebook or Instagram feed right now (or maybe how many you might want to take down in the near future).


camilajensen via Instagram

The "Follow Me" Photo

This photo begs you to follow this girl (on Instagram) as she boldly explores the unknown. Armed with local garb (see the hat) and a workplace-safe "wanderlust" tattoo (not shown here), this girl isn't turning around anytime soon, which is very confusing for the fisherman whom she forced to take this odd photo.

The "Sun Princess" Snapshot

To this woman, the sun is a mere stooge. She plays with it. She caresses it. And, soon, she will smother it to death. And then? Well, let's just say the moon doesn't get a pass with her either.


sunni_lynn via Instagram

The "Giant Girl" Pose

This girl puts herself out there. She doesn't care what you think about her quirky personality, her self-deprecating blog posts, or the fact that — considering the Eiffel Tower is 984 feet tall — she's a freakish medical anomaly who towers some 5,500 feet into the sky. Where has this giant woman been hiding? Where is she now? She is an impossible beast, and we want to study her.

The "Casually Contemplating Life In A Gorgeous Environment" Shot

This girl wishes the camera would stop staring and let her contemplate life in peace. But, lo and behold, the camera is a cold and uncaring machine that will continue staring for eternity. Shame on you, camera! Let this girl get back to her one true vocation: thinking on cliffs.


beautifulnowls via Instagram

The "Jumping Because I'm On The Beach!" Photo

Possibly the second-most clichéd vacation pic of all time, the jump-for-joy-on-the-beach is one photo op that should be avoided at all costs. The beach is cool and all, but nobody's THAT excited.

The Classic
The Classic "Hot Dog Legs"

Far and away the most overused vacation pic for women, the "Hot Dog Legs" photo is a great way for a girl to prove to friends that she avoided critical injury and did not lose her legs on the way to the beach. Such a victory should be rewarded in the highest fashion: a heart on Instagram.

The "Getting Our Feet Wet Together" Pose

Yes. Your feet and your friends' feet. All arranged in near-symmetrical fashion in the shallow surf. We see the photo. Now what? Why have you done this? What dark pagan ritual are you all performing? 


janeybless via Instagram

The "Feet In The Sand" Snap

This one isn't a cliché, but it's so common that we included it anyway. What's that? You say it IS a cliché? Wrong. Not only is it NOT a cliché, these photos weren't even taken intentionally. These people just accidentally pointed their cameras toward the ground and snapped these dumb photos of their ugly feet. LEARN HOW TO USE THE CAMERA (and maybe don't stand so close to each other)!

The "Drinks On The Beach!" Photo

Nobody actually takes this photo to flaunt their fun day spent drinking on the beach. In fact, everyone who takes this clichéd photo works in advertising. Yep, it's the only logical explanation. They're all paying homage to Corona's series of "Find Your Beach" commercials in which actors pretend to enjoy Coronas on the beach. Weird.

The "Window Seat" Photo

Is the age-old airplane wing vacation photo a cliché? Absolutely not. The people who snap these photos do so to prove that they have the requisite moxie to secure a window seat. To get that seat, they probably had to beat down a family of four, crawl over a sleeping business man and pretend to listen to an entire "emergency door" spiel before they could snap this gem. And for that, we salute them.

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