The 23 Most Gorgeous Trees From Around The World (You Won't Believe #18 Is Real!!)

Nature is beautiful, and trees are proof of the incredible majesty that our world has to offer. Take some time to reconnect with nature and gaze at some of the most gorgeous trees on Earth!

  • Dark Hedges (Ireland)

    Dark Hedges (Ireland)

    This spooky beech tree tunnel is the perfect spot to revel in nature's dark beauty. It's so majestic that it was even featured on "Game of Thrones."

  • Blown-Back Trees (New Zealand)

    Blown-Back Trees (New Zealand)

    Slope Point, on the southern tip of New Zealand, is the home to these unique trees. Strong winds from Antartica force them to grow at a severe angle.

  • Cherry Blossom (Japan)

    Cherry Blossom (Japan)

    Japan is famous for in the springtime for its colorful cherry blossoms. These pink flowers provide a gorgeous canopy that makes any stroll whimsical.

  • Flamboyant Tree (Brazil)

    Flamboyant Tree (Brazil)

    The aptly named flamboyant tree's branches explode in bright red flowers. Though native to Madagascar, this tropical tree grows in any area with a warm enough climate.

  • Rainbow Eucalyptus (USA)

    Rainbow Eucalyptus (USA)

    No you're not dreaming — these multi-colored trees exist, specifically in Kauai, Hawaii. Not only are they beautiful, but they're also very useful in the production of paper.

  • 144-Year-Old Wisteria (Japan)

    144-Year-Old Wisteria (Japan)

    This very old wisteria tree expands almost 2,000 square meters! The whole area is magically covered in these beautiful purple flowers.

  • Dragonblood Trees (Yemen)

    Dragonblood Trees (Yemen)

    Native to areas nears the Indian Ocean, these trees grow in a very unique umbrella-like shape. They received their name from the crimson red sap they produce, which is used as a dye.

  • Fairytale Tree Tunnel (Ireland)

    Fairytale Tree Tunnel (Ireland)

    The trees in the northern Ireland town of Ballynoe formed this enchanting tunnel. It's referred to as the fairytale tunnel for obvious reasons.

  • Maple Tree Tunnel (USA)

    Maple Tree Tunnel (USA)

    Autumn is the perfect time to stroll through this tunnel of maple trees in Oregon. The bright red leaves cover the ground and the sky.

  • 125-Year-Old Rhododendron (Canada)

    125-Year-Old Rhododendron (Canada)

    Technically this aged rhododendron is a shrub, but we couldn't ignore this beauty. The bright pink shrub is located in British Columbia.

  • Angel Oak (USA)

    Angel Oak (USA)

    This sprawling 67 foot tall oak tree is estimated to be 1,400-1,500 years old. It is located in

  • Baobab Trees (Madagascar)

    Baobab Trees (Madagascar)

    The large-trunked Baobabs are Madagascar's most famous trees. They thrive during dry periods by storing large quantities of water in their trunks.

  • Jacarandas (South Africa)

    Jacarandas (South Africa)

    This street in Cullinan, South Africa, is beautifully shaded by the blossoming violet flowers of these jacarandas trees.

  • Ponthus Beech Tree (France)

    Ponthus Beech Tree (France)

    Located in the heart of the Broceliande Forest, this giant, moss-covered ponthus beech tree is even more majestic in the sunlight.

  • Japanese Maple (USA)

    Japanese Maple (USA)

    It may be called a Japanese maple tree, but it's located in Portland, Oregon. The tree, complete with its beautiful red and purple leaves, stands majestically atop a hill.

  • Underwater Mangrove Tree

    Underwater Mangrove Tree

    Gorgeous trees don't just grow on dry land — the mangrove tree is unique in that it grows underwater.

  • Wintry Trees (Sweden)

    Wintry Trees (Sweden)

    This scene of snow-covered trees in Dalarna, Sweden, couldn't be more gorgeous.

  • Camel Thorn Trees (Namibia)

    Camel Thorn Trees (Namibia)

    Believe it or not, this is not a painting, but an actual photograph of the camel thorn trees of Namib-Naukluft Park! The bright orange backdrop is a large sand dune tinted orange by the rising sun.

  • Cherry Blossoms (Germany)

    Cherry Blossoms (Germany)

    In April, the streets of Bonn transform into a tunnel of beautiful pink cherry blossoms.

  • Avenue Of Oaks (USA)

    Avenue Of Oaks (USA)

    The thick branches of these live oak trees in South Carolina naturally curve downwards to form an amazing, mossy tunnel.

  • Snowy Trees Island (China)

    Snowy Trees Island (China)

    The trees may not be loving this weather, but they sure do look beautiful in the dead of winter on a small island in China.

  • American Elm (USA)

    American Elm (USA)

    Central Park is an iconic landmark in New York, and nothing beats strolling through the park in fall as the leaves on the large elm trees turn a bright yellow.

  • Ancient Bristlecone Pine (USA)

    Ancient Bristlecone Pine (USA)

    This bristlecone pine is believed to be around 5,000 years old, and is still kicking in Inyo Country, California. The species is among the oldest in the world.

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