17 NOPE Animal Pics That Prove Australia Is Absolutely Terrifying!

Australia is a gorgeous continent brimming with culture and adventure, but it also has some of the scariest animals in the world. Don't believe me? Check out these totally terrifying beasts of the Australian wild.

  • Croc-Eating Pythons

    Croc-Eating Pythons

    Welcome to Australia, the land where snakes are so huge the eat crocodiles whole! Bystanders watching in both horror and amazement as this 10 foot python constricted a crocodile to death and devoured him.
  • Giant Deadly Bird Attacks

    Giant Deadly Bird Attacks

    This huge, angry bird is a cassowary, native to Australia and New Guinea. It is the third largest bird in the world after the ostrich and emu, but makes up for that with its powerful aggression. Cassowaries have been known to charge and violently attack humans, leading to severe injury and even a death.
  • Insanely Huge Bats

    Insanely Huge Bats

    These gigantic bats are known as flying foxes, which is pretty accurate considering they're closer to the size of a fox than a bat. Although these bats generally don't harm humans, seeing one can definitely give you the fright of your life. They've been known to prey on eagles and crocodiles!
  • Snake-Eating Spiders

    Snake-Eating Spiders

    The insanity isn't just in the wilderness; this picture was taken in suburban Australia! That spider is a golden silk orb-weaver, known for capturing large prey in its webs. There have also been sightings of these spiders catching and eating birds!
  • Spiders Infestation

    Spiders Infestation

    Speaking of spiders, did I mention they're all over the place!? This horde has completely transformed this tree into a creepy-crawly spider kingdom. No thank you!
  • Welcome To Hell

    Welcome To Hell

    NOPE! Like I told you before; horrible spiders are everywhere! I don't know which is worse: the gigantic thing in the corner or the dozens of spider babies.
  • Super Strong Snakes

    Super Strong Snakes

    Yes, that is an incredibly large snake lifting a wallaby out of the water. The olive python is Australia's second largest snake species, with adults growing larger than 4 meters long!
  • Dingo Ate My Sharky

    Dingo Ate My Sharky

    Although they most famously prey on kangaroos, dingoes are known for their very vast diet, which consists of over 170 species. This wild dog was in the mood for some seafood.
  • A Light Lunch

    A Light Lunch

    If a 5.5 meter crocodile eating a bull shark isn't intense, then I don't know what is. This croc is actually known on river tours as Brutus, and is distinctive for his immense size and his missing right forearm.
  • Surf's Up

    Surf's Up

    That last thing that you want to see while you're surfing is a great white shark riding the same wave as you!
  • Huge Deadly Centipedes

    Huge Deadly Centipedes

    The very aptly named giant centipede is the largest centipede in Asia and Australia, growing to over 6 inches in length. Not only that, but it is venomous! This giant centipede managed to kill and consume this snake after a heated fight.
  • Paralyzing Bloodsuckers

    Paralyzing Bloodsuckers

    This is the Australian paralysis tick. On the left you see the tick before feeding, and the bulbous thing 3 times its size is the tick after it's gotten its fill of blood. But the real danger is that this tick releases powerful neurotoxins that can cause paralysis in full-grown men!
  • Tiny Jelly, Big Sting

    Tiny Jelly, Big Sting

    Well this image seems out of place, doesn't it? Why would a minuscule jellyfish be on a list of terrifying Australian animals? Well, it may not look like much, but this Irukandji jellyfish may actually be the deadliest creature in Australia. Their venom is 100 times as potent as a cobra's, and causes severe muscle and organ pain along with psychological anxiety.
  • Coiled Customer

    Coiled Customer

    Like I said before, these scary creatures aren't just in the Australian wild. This 19-foot python was seen slithering through a charity store in Queensland before being removed.
  • Snake On A Plane

    Snake On A Plane

    Nobody tell Samuel L. Jackson about this. Passengers were shocked to notice a python on the wing of their flight from northern Australia to Papua New Guinea. Miraculously, the creature managed to survive the flight!
  • Swarming Beetles

    Swarming Beetles

    In case you haven't had enough insects yet, this swarm of Australian soldier beetles should help you out.
  • Blue-Ringed Death

    Blue-Ringed Death

    The blue-ringed octopus is a beautiful creature, but it's also recognized as one of the world's deadliest marine animals. The reason this poisonous octopus is so deadly is that there is currently no antivenom developed to counteract its bite.
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