There are so many stunningly beautiful places to visit on Earth that it can almost drive you crazy deciding where to head for your next vacation. The good news? Everyone's been everywhere already, so if you feel like trusting a learned stranger's opinion (or photo), you can start planning your next vacation today.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

"Switzerland in general is just one of the most breathtaking places on the planet. I only traveled through the countryside via train on my way to Zurich for a trip, but I couldn't keep my eyes off everything around me. I desperately need to go back to that part of the world - Switzerland, southern Germany, and Austria - sometime for a more lengthy visit." (source)

Lake Louise, Canada

"Lake Louise in Canada. I couldn't believe a place (like that) could be real - it's so picturesque." (source)

Prague, Czech Republic

"I'm a huge fan of medieval history and despite being English and growing up near several well preserved ancient towns with cathedrals and castles, I've never got a sense of wonder from them. Maybe its due to familiarity? Last summer I went to Prague and just got lost walking around. It was just so perfect and beautiful that I got THAT feeling." (source)

Mount Rainier, Washington

"When we went there, we climbed to the top of Plummer's Peak. To the north was massive Mt. Rainier, and on the other side we could see all the way to Mt. Hood in Oregon. The view was just incredible." (source)

Nara, Japan

"Nara, a small city in Japan. There's an entire massive park full of wild deer that you can feed. And there's also a colossal shrine with what I think is the world's biggest Buddha statue. I don't remember for certain, but it was certainly breathtaking. The highlight of an amazing trip to an amazing country." (source)

Florence, Italy

"I more or less just 'randomly' ended up there since three of my friends were doing their au pair in Florence...I just had no idea how beautiful this place is." (source)

Machu Picchu, Peru

"Machu Picchu. You don't realize from photos quite how beautiful the surroundings are." (source)

Kauai, Hawaii

"I live on O'ahu and I assumed Kaua'i would be similar, but it has such a different feeling to it. The waterfalls are stunning, and it's so much more rural." (source)

Moab, Utah

"Drove there this past fall and hit arches specifically. I went to see all the national parks, plus all the mountain biking, 4 wheeling and the la sal range, it was overwhelming. We live in western Montana, so I get snobby about scenery. It was truly completely different from anything I'd ever seen, we are trying to figure out a way to get a trip in this spring." (source)

Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

"This place is so gorgeous! Just one great beach after another." (source)

Isle Of Capri, Italy
Isle Of Capri, Italy

"Yeah, that place is beautiful. Really, the whole Amalfi coast is amazing. My wife has family there, I can't wait to go back." (source)

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