International Myths And Stereotypes That Just Aren't True (According To People Who Live There)

No matter where you're from, the outside world has a stereotype about your country. In America for instance, some of the outside world views us as a bunch of ignorant and overweight slobs. Well have we got news for them: They are, uh, for the most part, see — yeah they're pretty much right in a generalized sense. OK, we'll leave the dispelling of myths to these people, they're much better at it (though we don't believe the Canadian guy).

  • Scotland


    From Deleriumdreamer: "Being scottish - we don't run around in kilts, we aren't all ginger, we don't run around shouting about our freedom,we don't live in clans, we don't deep fry everything.. think that about covers it."


  • Brazil


    From Caucasian_Male: "While in every movie they are only a few minutes apart, the Amazon forest is thousands of kilometers away from Rio de Janeiro."

  • Australia


    From smileedude: "The little fat Australian kid who says Australian toilets spin "counter clockwise" was wrong. They spin anticlockwise and no true Australian would get this wrong."



  • Wales


    From raisethestandard: "I'm Welsh. Everyone thinks we f*** sheep."

  • Iran


    From IVTD4KDS: "We don't dump a bottle of cologne on ourselves when going out (although I've done that before), nor do we blast out house music (although I've done that before); nor do we wear silk shirts and have rugs hanging on our walls (OK, I have that); nor do we want to drive white BMWs (actually, that would be nice); nor do our parents want us to be doctors, lawyers, or engineers … F*ck."

  • America


    From 45-70: "Everybody thinks because I am poor white trash from a long line of poor white trash that I will never amount to anything.

    That's bullshit. It's Garbage Can not Garbage can't"

  • Italy


    From fearlessandinventive: "Just because my father is well-off does not mean we're part of "the Family." I know exactly zero people in the Mafia. The vast majority of Italian-Americans know zero people in the Mafia. Stop assuming that an Italian last name = knows how to disappear someone."

  • Netherlands


    From Dragneel: "The Dutch don't really smoke that much weeb. It's mostly the tourists.


  • Canada


    From lennon1230: "I don't have beady eyes or a flappy head, I don't say "ay" at the end of my sentences, nor do I say aboot, (nor does any Canadian I've ever met, it's not strictly the "oot" sound, its more rounded … ). I do hold doors open for far too long and love hockey more than most my friends."

  • Pakistan


    From anonymous: "Apparently Pakistan is a desert wasteland where the men are all terrorists and the women are oppressed and wear black burkas. Weird how whenever I visit my family I go to malls, clothing boutiques, and concerts. Weird how every girl I know there is educated. Not denying there isn't rampant corruption and terrorism in the Northwest part of the country, but I hate how that is all people see."

  • America (Again)

    America (Again)

    From jjswibbs: "American here. Nothing to be misunderstood. We are the benevolent and righteous masters of the planet (and possibly the universe)."


  • Mexico


    From White_Meat_Only: "American-Mexican here. No I don't do drugs, never even smoked a cigarette. No we aren't all lazy I'm in college for nursing and most my family teaches or does manual labor. Yes they pay taxes and all of them are US citizens now. As a female I'm child-free not all of us get pregnant at our quinceñera."

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