The Best Nude Beaches Where A Birthday Suit Is The Only One You'll Need

Swimming in the ocean is the best way to get in tune with nature. And what's more natural than doing it in the nude? Most beaches don't allow nude sunbathing or swimming, but those that do allow beachgoers some unencumbered fun. Check out our collection of the best nudist-friendly beaches from around the world.

  • Saline Beach, Saint Barthélemy

    Saline Beach, Saint Barthélemy

    Saline Beach is one of St. Barth’s most secluded beaches. One user described it as one of France’s “unofficial fully nude beaches, with full naturists concentrating at the far left and far right of the beach, while families and other non-nude or topless bathers stick to the center, near the entrance.”

  • Praia do Pinho, Brazil

    Praia do Pinho, Brazil

    Pinho became Brazil’s first nationally sanctioned nude beach in 1987. And with the motto “Clothing is not an option,” it’s probably not for the prudish.

  • Haulover Beach Park, Miami

    Haulover Beach Park, Miami

    This gay-friendly spot is one of Miami’s few nude beaches. One couple described the beach like this: “My Wife and I just love Haulover Beach! It feels wonderful to be nude around so many great people that are so helpful and friendly. I was worried about men hitting on my wife at first but quickly realised that was not going to happen at Haulover. We had three wonderful days just chilling in the buff and met a lot of great people.”

  • Wreck Beach, Canada

    Wreck Beach, Canada

    This 5-mile long beach in British Columbia is home to wildlife like eagles, kingfishers and escaped domestic birds. And, of course, nudists looking to spend enjoy the beach’s black sands. If you get hungry, vendors are on-site to sell you buffalo burgers and other snacks.

  • Black's Beach, San Diego

    Black's Beach, San Diego

    The more athletic nudists will enjoy meeting up with the Black Beach Bares, a team of local nudists who meet up to snorkel, boogie board and jog in the buff. 

  • Playalinda Beach, Florida

    Playalinda Beach, Florida

    Those considering a trip to Playalinda Beach be warned: Nudism is only allowed above Lot 13. One user provided some advice: “Above Lot 13 is considered clothing optional. While nudist or naturism if you prefer, is unofficially allowed; skinny dipping and nude sunbathing is not against federal law, but exercise discretion. Lewd and lascivious conduct will be prosecuted. So use common sense. If you want to have sex on the beach, go to a bar and order one.” 

  • Es Cavallet Beach, Spain

    Es Cavallet Beach, Spain

    The Spanish value their freedom to enjoy nature while naked. So much so, in fact, that being penalized for nudity in Spain would be a violation of their constitutional rights. Es Cavallet Beach in Ibiza is one of the area’s popular gay nude beaches.

  • Baker Beach, San Francisco

    Baker Beach, San Francisco

    Considering this beach once hosted the Burning Man festival, it’s not surprising it now allows nude sunbathing on its northern edge. Nudists can enjoy great views of the city and Golden Gate Bridge from the beach.

  • Playa El Aqua, Venezuela

    Playa El Aqua, Venezuela

    Margarita Island has a very practical view on nude beaches: It claims that countries that allow nude sunbathing have fewer instances of sexual assault. So go here to enjoy sand and surf in naked peace.

  • Little Beach, Maui

    Little Beach, Maui

    As Maui’s “unofficial clothing optional beach,” Little Beach is a popular spot among surfers and tourists looking to shed their clothes. Dr. Leisure, an artist who paints scenes of nude beaches, frequents the beach sometimes. If you’re lucky (or unlucky), he might paint you…

  • Kehena Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

    Kehena Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

    One user had a pretty stern message to prospective visitors of the black sand Kehena Beach: “You're on vacation at one of the BEST, most breathtaking nude beaches on the island of Hawaii, so just let go. Men, go au natural. Women, at least go topless. No one knows you anyway. Get over it, and get over yourself. Seriously.”

  • Paradise Beach, Greece

    Paradise Beach, Greece

    This beach is indeed paradise if you’re idea of a good time is partying late into the night. The nude beach is known for attracting young, beautiful people. But most agree it’s not the best place to read a book in the buff.

  • Plage de Tahiti, France

    Plage de Tahiti, France

    This beach attracts famous people from around the world, but paparazzi beware: No cameras are allowed. As popular of a spot as it is, one user had a minor complaint: “Whole groups of overweight nudists in their mid-50s are also not "that picturesque". Yet again, just like St.Tropez itself, it's famous for being famous.”

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