Most of us won't get the opportunity to travel around the world and soak up all the culture, food and beauty that each of the world's unique cities have to offer. Fortunately, there's Gunnar Garfors, a man who's visited every country in the world. Garfors has collected quite a few stories (enough to write a book about them titled, 198: How I Ran Out Of Countries) and visited some incredible cities. Here is a list of Garfors' favorite cities in the world and his brief thoughts on each of them:


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Seoul, South Korea
21. Seoul, South Korea

"Seoul is the definition of cool, and everything is where you least expect it. Gangnam might've gotten its music-fueled fame here, but that is so 2012. New neighborhoods regularly emerge here, and it forces the old hotspot 'hoods to up their game."

Toronto, Canada
20. Toronto, Canada

"Tiny shops sell tomorrow's coolest new hobbies, bars ooze hipness, and the chic hotels are too trendy for the travel mags to keep up with. Unwrapping Toronto might be hard work, but it's anything but boring." 

London, UK
19. London, UK

"If the world has a capital, this is it. You'll find virtually everything here in one of the city's many diverse neighborhoods -- all interconnected by an overdose of transportation."

Cape Town, South Africa
18. Cape Town, South Africa

"Yes, you should hike to the top of Table Mountain; the cable car is for chickens. And the view from the table top is priceless, but not in a MasterCard commercial kind of way. The city certainly has the right to brag about its cultural prominence and comes with both mouthwatering restaurants and drinking joints full of all sorts of people."

Berlin, Germany
17. Berlin, Germany

"This city is both too weird and too relaxing not to visit. I love the strange little galleries and shops, the wild nightclubs, and the down-to-earth bars, particularly on the east side of town. Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, and Prenzlauer Berg are undoubtedly my top choices for the unorthodox, the artsy, and the bohemian in Berlin. Some people would call it trendy, I'd say alternative."

Reykjavik, Iceland
16. Reykjavik, Iceland

"Reykjawhat? The capital of the Atlantic Ocean is everything you wouldn't expect. The island it's on has been battered by wild storms and crazy winds for thousands of years. So, you can imagine that the people who have chosen to stay there are totally mad. In a good way, that is."

Taipei, Taiwan
15. Taipei, Taiwan

"Taipei boasts one of the highest densities of restaurants in the world and many are themed, so don't be surprised when you pass a Barbie, Hello Kitty, or A380 airplane-themed restaurant on your evening stroll."

Tokyo, Japan
14. Tokyo, Japan

"I like crazy. Tokyo is crazy. Tokyo is insane. I love it. Expect a mixture of everything you can imagine. This city is a Michelin-star heaven, but it also has a restaurant where you are served BY ROBOTS and entertained BY ROBOT FIGHTS."

Hanoi, Vietnam
13. Hanoi, Vietnam

"If you hate when strangers talk to you, don't visit the Vietnamese capital; the friendliness you're likely to experience will probably make you feel uncomfortable. Yeah, they're a very friendly people. Also, don't go for the sightseeing -- Hanoi is not about touristic sights. Hanoi is about hanging, observing, and soaking up the relaxing (but never dull) atmosphere that infuses city life."

Istanbul, Turkey
12. Istanbul, Turkey

"It's no surprise that the only major city spanning two continents provides an extravaganza of often conflicting cultural impressions. What would be Europe's biggest city if it was entirely in Europe, Istanbul provides something for everyone in terms of food, wine, and nightlife."

Auckland, New Zealand
11. Auckland, New Zealand

"Picture a city surrounded by hundreds of beaches of every imaginable style: black volcanic sand, snow-white dust, tiny golden rocks -- welcome to Auckland."

Cali, Colombia
10. Cali, Colombia

"In terms of weather, temperatures are constant year round and not as high as you would think given its location just north of the Equator; the city sits 3,200 feet above sea level. Oh yeah, bring dark sunglasses; Cali is known for its beautiful women."

Lisbon, Portugal
9. Lisbon, Portugal

"Don't miss the charming and narrow alleyways in Baixa, the Old Town, home to quirky bars, restaurants (for any budget), and hole-in-the-wall art galleries."

Tel Aviv, Israel
8. Tel Aviv, Israel

"Expect a relaxed feeling, beautiful people, and a nifty sense of coolness, not to mention, a seemingly never-ending beach!"

Oslo, Norway
7. Oslo, Norway

"With so many gourmet restaurants popping up like mushrooms, the city's sure to run out of chefs soon. Also, no, I'm not biased."

Seattle, USA
6. Seattle, USA

"The Emerald City certainly deserves its nickname. Throw in the coffee culture, the restaurants, the local beer/wine, and the fact that in between café runs and pub crawls, there are ace walks to enjoy both in and around town, and we're done here."

Florianópolis, Brazil
5. Florianópolis, Brazil

"The people here are friendly -- as inhabitants of paradise tend to be -- so long as you stay away from the snobby jet setters whose red Ferraris, flashy shades, and high noses give them away."

Mumbai, India
4. Mumbai, India

"Mumbai's full of impressive colonial buildings, chaotic markets, and places of worship. And when it comes to food, you'll be spoiled for choice -- so do indulge."

Copenhagen, Denmark
3. Copenhagen, Denmark

"In terms of sites, you'd be a fool not to walk the beautiful canals, or to visit the self-governing "free town" of Christiania where soft drugs are enjoyed freely..."

Kiev, Ukraine
2. Kiev, Ukraine

"Kiev is home to a fun-loving crowd, great restaurants, and a never-ending nightlife...Chernobyl isn't far away, either..."

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