Rio De Janeiro Is A Must-See Location For 2016 (Here's Why) If you've never been to Rio de Janeiro, make 2016 the year you go. This year, the city will host the Summer Olympics on the western side of town, so it's bound to be more crowded than usual. But if you go a bit earlier, you'll have plenty of time and space to see the city from atop Sugarloaf Mountain, visit the world's largest urban rainforest at Tijuca National Park, and much more.
These Are The Best Cities In The World According To The Guy Who Has Been To Every Country Most of us won't get the opportunity to travel around the world and soak up all the culture, food and beauty that each of the world's unique cities have to offer. Fortunately, there's Gunnar Garfors, a man who's visited every country in the world. Garfors has collected quite a few stories (enough to write a book about them titled, 198: How I Ran Out Of Countries) and visited some incredible cities. Here is a list of Garfors' favorite cities in the world and his brief thoughts on each of them:   (h/t: Thrillist)
In The Wake Of Grisly Attacks, Parisians Find Solace in Books, Not Guns "There is never any ending to Paris, and the memory of each person who has lived in it differs from that of any other. Paris was always worth it, and you received return for whatever you brought to it."
Fascinating Satellite Images That Show Your World From A New Perspective The cool thing about satellites, besides that they give us GPS and can read the "Titleist" brand name on the golf ball in your backyard, is that they give us some of the most crystal-clear images from a bird's-eye view. Check out our collection of satellite images to see the Amazon Rainforest, Venice, Barcelona and more like never before.