These Airbnb lodging options aren't merely someone's spare rooms. From glass treehouses to geodesic domes, we've compiled 15 of the strangest Airbnb rooms for rent that you can actually stay in — and do so without going broke.

Airplane Suite In The Netherlands
1. Airplane Suite In The Netherlands

Play pretend billionaire in the airplane suite, a 1960s plane converted to a luxury suite that comes with a Jacuzzi, sauna, kitchen and more. You can even play around in the cockpit — just don't expect to take off anytime soon. $420 per night.

Loft Studio In Atlanta
2. Loft Studio In Atlanta

Don't plan on sleeping in here. The Loft Studio is all about natural light: It's got large windows on all of its walls. It's a bit small, but it comes complete with a queen-sized bed, shower and an espresso machine. $200 per night.



Houseboat In Copenhagen
3. Houseboat In Copenhagen

If you've ever wanted to jump into a river directly from your backdoor, this one's for you. Situated on Copenhagen's waterfront, this renovated houseboat is all about the views. $165 per night.



House Shaped Like A Boot In New Zealand
4. House Shaped Like A Boot In New Zealand

For a nominal fee, you and your lover can spend a romantic night inside...a boot? The B&B might be a bit cramped (and strange), but it's located amid a hazelnut tree grove. So there's that, at least. $223 per night.

Bubble Under The Stars In France
5. Bubble Under The Stars In France

No privacy is to be had here. The Bubble Under The Stars provides guests with great views of the sky and surrounding forest, so long as you can handle the 360-degree exposure. $170 per night.

The Green Windmill House In Greece
6. The Green Windmill House In Greece

This three-bedroom, two-bathroom windmill home in Santorini not only offers great views of the ocean, but comes with a bean-shaped pool. Bean-shaped pools are best. $321 per night.

The Cube House In The Netherlands
7. The Cube House In The Netherlands

If you can live in it without becoming nauseated, the cube house might pique your interest. Comprising three floors and able to accommodate four people, the unique house features a room at the top floor with 360-degree views. $149 per night.

Dairsie Castle In The U.K.
8. Dairsie Castle In The U.K.

Want to live like a king with 12 of your friends? Head to Fife, where you can rent the Dairsie Castle for a measly $1170 per night. 

Villa In A Chinese Forest
9. Villa In A Chinese Forest

This 150-year-old renovated house located in the Moganshan mountainside near Hangzhou and surrounded by lush forest is the perfect escape. Hot tub, pizza oven, flat-screen TVs...what else could you need? $835 per night.

Geodesic Dome In Spain
10. Geodesic Dome In Spain

On the property of a larger guesthouse is the geodesic dome that comes complete with dining table, king-sized bed and access to the facilities within the house. If it sounds a bit cheap, that's because it is. $33 per night.

Gingerbread House On Maui
11. Gingerbread House On Maui

No, it's not actually made of gingerbread. But Jimi Hendrix reportedly stayed on the 4.50-acre property in 1970, shortly before his death. So, that's pretty neat. $165 per night.



Glass Treehouse In Tuscany
12. Glass Treehouse In Tuscany

This is the treehouse that the grown-up, tasteful (but still somewhat childish) version of you would build. Inside is a small kitchen and bathroom, and there's a large dining table under the house. $287 per night.

Off-Grid House In California
13. Off-Grid House In California

Truly an escape, this glass house offers 360-degree views, and the whole house gets its electricity via solar panels attached to the home. $360 per night.

Seashell House In Mexico
14. Seashell House In Mexico

Don't worry about running into things at this house — its design features no right angles. The whitewashed two-bedroom house also comes with a private pool. $225 per night.

Train Carriage In Australia
15. Train Carriage In Australia

If you're used to sleeping on the train on the way home from work, this one's for you. Located inside a renovated train car in vineyard country, you can expect modern amenities for just $114 per night.

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